Prostate Cancer Surgery

Prostate Cancer Surgery

Surgery is one of the primary option for men with localized prostate cancer. In radical prostatectomy, the entire prostate gland is removed together with the seminal vesicles and portions of the vas deferens. In Oxford we do this operation using a key-hole approach with the help of a robot (robot assisted radical prostatectomy, RARP). There are a number of differences between robotic prostatectomy and the radiotherapy options to treatment prostate cancer and your urologist will discuss these with you in detail. As with radiotherapy & hormones, the chance of ‘cure’ with surgery alone at 10 years is more than 90 percent (see ProtecT Trial), depending on the severity of the tumour. Surgery can also be used as part of ‘multi-modal’ therapy in conjunction with other treatments such as radiotherapy or chemotherapy as part of a trial.

Mr Leslie and Mr Lamb, perform  radical prostatectomies using the da Vinci robot, at The Churchill Hospital, where we have both a da Vinci X and Xi model. Intuitive Surgical, the Californian company who make the da Vinci robot, have their UK headquarters based in the Oxford Science Park so we have unique access to state-of-the-art technology. Initial assessment for robotic prostatectomy and follow up are provided at The Manor Hospital, Oxford or The Saxon Clinic, Milton Keynes.


The robotic technique allows the prostate gland to be removed through six small incisions in the patient’s abdomen. We will discuss the preparatory and recovery process with you in detail but most men can expect to be back to work within 6 weeks of surgery, or sooner.

Please watch these videos produced in Oxford which give more information about the robotic prostatectomy procedures. 

Robotic prostatectomy explained.

Watch this 4 minute video explaining the procedure.

Surgical outcomes from robotic prostatectomy in Oxford

Watch this 11 minute video on outcomes from robotic prostatectomy in Oxford

Prostatectomy School – a video to education patients preparing for prostatectomy

Watch this 40 minute video.

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