Achieving precision in prostate cancer diagnosis & treatment

15 leading Urologists, including Mr Tom Leslie of Oxford Urology Associates, convened at the Royal Society of Medicine last Friday to hear Nuada’s Urology and Radiology team present on advances in MRI/Ultrasound fusion, a technique that combines ultrasound probes with targeted MR images to biopsy and treat prostate cancer with a high degree of precision. Fusion has significant  accuracy, economic and patient-experience advantages over traditional forms of biopsy, and forms a cornerstone of the Nuada Focal Therapy approach.

Via live videolink, participants watched a transperineal biopsy using MIM fusion software, which changes the plane of an MR image, and allows it to merge with an ultrasound image. The MR image becomes so accurate (94%) that lesions may be identified and contoured, and the contouring can be seen on the live ultrasound – enabling a highly precise biopsy.

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